water 300x200We all know that Cape Town is in the middle of a water crisis and we are all trying to do our bit to save water. Join us during March as we learn more about this precious resource and how we can help save it.

Saturday, 4 March
11:00 3D water cycle (entry fee only ● all ages)
Use your creativity to design a unique keep sake and learn about the journey that water takes.

15:00 DIY Water Filter (entry fee only ● all ages)
Discover how to clean water by using things that you can find around the house.

Sunday, 5 March
11:00 Leak proof bag (entry fee only ● all ages)
Explore the possibility of how polymers can help to save water.

15:00 Flush Bottle (entry fee only ● age 5+)
Save water at home by displaying the water in your toilets, with your lab made flush bottle.

Saturday, 11 March
11:00 Rising water (entry fee only ● age 5+)
Experience the magical phenomenon of filling an “upside down” glass with water.

15:00 Pop up – Wetland fish (entry fee only ● all ages)
Learn more about wetland and their tenants.

Sunday, 12 March
11:00 Fill the Bucket (entry fee only ● age 8+)
Using water and maths to figure out a puzzling problem.

15:00 Water wheel (age 5 and above- entry fee only)
Is it possible to convert the energy that flows through water into electric energy? Join us an find out…