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With more than 250 interactive science exhibits and mind-boggling puzzles, the Cape Town Science Centre is a world of discovery under one roof.

In addition to the hands-on displays, the CTSC offers science shows, curriculum-based hands-on workshops, holiday programmes, science camps, science theatre, travelling exhibitions, hands-on experiments, excursions, experiential driven programmes, Saturday learner enrichment school, robotics workshops & tournaments, chess workshops & tournaments, Science Out Loud popular science talks, maths and science exam preparation lessons, educator enrichment workshops & educator forums, computer courses, and mini-exhibitions on topical science events.

The Cape Town Science Centre has partnered with countless organisations, educational NGOs, Provincial and National Government departments as well as international organisations, highlighting the importance of the Science Centre as a platform for the delivery of science and technology learning, and the importance of collaboration for the greater good. The CTSC is a member of the Southern African Association of Science and Technology Centres (SAASTEC) and a member of Cape Town Tourism.

The CTSC operates under the auspices of the Interactive Science Foundation NPC (RF), a registered Non-Profit Organisation (031-701-NPO) and Public Benefit Organisation (18/11/13/2663).

School Group Visits

What is a science centre?

A science centre is an educational facility that uses effective methods to teach science, technology, mathematics and engineering. These methods rely mainly on the use of interactive displays, events and activities, but science centres also use new technologies, such as social media, web-based education programmes and remote teaching and learning techniques.

A science centre is exactly as the word describes: a hub of science which aims to enrich the school curriculum and equip learners by providing valuable hands-on learning experiences using world class exhibits that are designed to increase learners’ skill and understanding of science, technology and maths – demystifying the world of science & technology.

Science centres stimulate curiosity, develop inquiring minds and expose children and adults to positive new experiences. They help people to cope with the rapidly changing technological environment, and empower them by improving their life skills. They also complement the school curriculum and train science multipliers such as teachers, teacher-trainers and parents.

They are a place for families to play around with science and they help inspire individual self-guided learning. Science centres offer an environment which can showcase research and be a dynamic place for experience sharing.

Download the Southern African Association of Science and Technology Centres (SAASTEC) brochure.

Cape Town Science Centre Membership

Mission statement

To make a hands-on contribution to Africa’s future by strengthening its science and technology culture through interactive methods of teaching: to excite the youth and general public about science and technology, and offer educational services to learners and educators across Africa.