ctsc exhibitsThe Cape Town Science Centre is a world of discovery under one roof! Expect a wide variety of interactive displays and exciting activities for your enjoyment. Build a house in the exclusive ‘kids only’ Murray & Roberts Building Site, challenge your mind with Puzzling Things, experience weightlessness similar to that of space travel with a spin on the Human Gyroscope, play Mindball – the game where you control the ball with your brain waves and see and hear science in the Audio Kinetic Sculpture.

Remember to take a breather and enjoy refreshments from the SciCafe – we offer free internet to all our visitors.

We are a work in progress! While we are able to offer our visitor the great experiences they have become accustomed to, we will continue to add new and exciting elements to our offering. We are striving to find the support to grow this centre into everything you would expect from a world class science-centre and more. We value your visits and encourage your support.