bloodhound sscAndy Green will attempt to break the land speed record in 2015, racing the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car to 1000 mph at Hakskeenpan in the Northern Cape. And all this to inspire kids about science, technology, engineering and maths.

The Bloodhound SSC driving experience will be at the Cape Town Science Centre from 28 December 2013 to 10 January 2014. This is a true representation of the processes Andy Green will have to go through to reach Mach 1.4 and stop safely!

Test your driving skills and set a new record in the fastest car on Earth! You will even get a certificate to commemorate the experience.
There are limited sessions per day so make your booking with the facilitator at the exhibition to avoid disappointment.

Read more about the Bloodhound SSC here:
Image credit: Siemens

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