WCED Principals' EveningThe Art and Science of Resilience – Resilience in Education

Presented by Wendy Ward
Thursday 12 February,  18:00 for 18:30

About the presenter
A Resilience and Natural Success Coach, Wendy empowers, challenges and inspires groups, teams and individuals to thrive and evolve in their personal lives and within their leadership roles.

18:00 to 18:30 Arrival and Refreshments
18:30 Welcome Address – WCED
18:45 The Art & Science of Resilience – Wendy Ward
19:30 Q & A
19:45 Thanks, Lucky Draw and Refreshments

The purpose of the talk is to provide value for principals at the beginning of the year – for principals to perceive or see the world, act in the world, be in the world and lead in the world in new, more powerful and more resilient ways. At the heart of resilience is how and what we think. Research shows that how we respond to situations and how we explain what happens to us has a profound effect on our resilience. Moreover, science is showing that that the way we respond to adversity is among the top predictors of satisfaction and success.

•What end results are you wanting to create in 2015 in your life, in your school, among your staff and with your students?
•What would change if you were mastering a more resilient mind-set?
•What would be different if your staff were able to bounce back from challenge, change and uncertainty AND move beyond, with grit, grace and groove?
•What would be different for your students if they could respond more mindfully, problem-solve more accurately and make conscious choices more consistently?

In this talk you will:
•Learn some key premises of resilience
•Bust some myths around resilience
•Discuss why resilience is so vital in today’s turbulent times?
•Explore the relationship between resilience, happiness and success?
•Receive an introduction to the concept of Resilience Intelligence and an outline of the 10 Keys to Boost your Resilience, Brilliance and Presence.

Here’s what others have said about this introductory talk:
Wendy’s presentations are * thought-provoking * relevant * eye-opening * inspiring * enlightening * well researched * well-presented * informative * fun * a must for everyone in leadership * Wendy is * inspiring * engaging * authentic * amusing * refreshing * professional * brilliant * on trend…

BOOKINGS: Carmen van der Venter: carmen@ctsc.org.za or 021 300 3200
Please note: If the Principal of a school is unable to attend they are welcome to transfer this invitation to a senior member of staff.

We thank Wendy Ward sincerely for her dedicated time to empower school leadership in the Western Cape.