The Element of FUN – The FUN starts here!

We are celebrating the International Year of the Periodic Table at the Cape Town Science Centre with a jam-packed holiday programme. Check out the edutaining activities we have on offer for the duration of the school holidays – daily hands-on workshops, busking, demonstrations, Camera Obscura Tour, Science Shows and so much more.



HOLIDAY CLUBS (click for more details)
Let’s Code Holiday Club 25 – 28 June & 2 – 5 July)
Winter Holiday Science Club (25 – 28 June)
Mini Maker Club (3 – 5 July)


Release your inner scientist in CTSC’s popular holiday workshops. Get your hands dirty exploring things that bubble and fizz, fly through the air, and change electric colours. Workshops are free unless otherwise stated. Standard entry fees to the CTSC apply to all visitors.

Edible Slime

Ages 4+ ● Cost: R5 per child
Slime is oozey, gooey, sticky and fun. Do you think we can make an edible slime? Let’s find out!

Dry Ice

Ages 7+ ● Entry fee + R5
A sub-zero winter workshop! Come and investigate an ice that is never wet but always cold. Dry ice has special properties which will be explored in this hands-on workshop.

Family Egg Drop Challenge

Ages 7+ ● Entry fee + R5
Science doesn’t have to be boring, expensive or time-consuming. Put your mind to the test in this family-based tinkering challenges. Try to build a protective capsule to protect your egg as it is catapulted through the air. #EggsMustFall

Hot Chocolate Challenge

Ages 6+ ● Entry fee + R5
Put your sensory skills to the test by exploring, as a connoisseur, the hidden flavours of our hot chocolate. Fun observations and surprising combinations await you in this workshop.

LEGO Six Bricks

Ages 5+ ● Entry fee only
Join the global frenzy in fun hands-on learning with LEGO Six Bricks. Introduce learning through play by developing memory, perceptual and communication skills.

Engineering Made Electric

Ages 6+Entry fee only
Take your first step into being an engineer and build progressively more and more interesting circuits. From bright lights to beeping sounds, come and explore circuits made simple!

Frozen Fossils

Ages 5+Entry fee only
Be an explorer and discover what is hidden in the ice. Learn how scientists investigate the past as your chip away at your own discovery.

Fizz and Pop Chemistry

Ages 6+Entry fee only
Explosive and colourful chemistry awaits you in this hands-on workshop using safe household products.


The BIG Show and Tell

Sub-zero Science

Investigate sub-zero science with liquid that is colder than your freezer at home. Imagine something so cold that is can freeze plants so that they shatter like glass. Come and discover the wonderful world of liquid nitrogen.

Under the Microscope

Step into a scientist’s shoes and take a closer look at everyday objects under the microscope. It will give you a new perspective on the world around you.


Pressure is something you encounter continually all around you but how does it work? Explore the surprising science of pressure as we investigate explosions, sinking divers and the bed of nails. Balloons may be harmed in the making of this demonstration!


Ever wanted to see an erupting volcano up close? Come and experience volcanos at the CTSC in explosive colours.


Camera Obscura

Have you ever taken a tour of the city while standing on one spot? Join us on one of our Camera Obscura tours for a 360° view of the surrounding area. Listen out for announcements to join the tour. Please note that this activity is weather dependant.

Science Show

Daily @ 13:00
Some call is magic, we call it science. Our daily Science Shows will excite while nurturing awareness that science is a part of our daily lives.

Cub Wednesday

Cubs, Brownies and Scouts from any pack will be given free entry to the Cape Town Science Centre on Wednesday 18 & 26 June, 3 July 2019 provided they come dressed in their Cub, Brownie or Scouts uniform.