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Saturday, 11 February ● 9:00 – 12:00

Using ICT in the classroom presented by DigiCape
In a changing world where new technologies emerge almost daily, the role of the teacher has never been more important. As a teacher, we need to facilitate our learners’ classroom experience and also ignite their passion for learning. Join us in this session to see how you are able to leverage the power of simple tools on the iPad to create an immersive experience of learning and foster creativity, not only in the classroom but within your learners’ minds using the technology of their time. This is a hands on practical workshop and no prior experience of iPads or tablets is required.

Exploring biodiversity science through ants! presented by Iimbovane Outreach Project

Are you out of ideas for hands-on biodiversity projects? Join the “Ant ladies” from the Iimbovane Outreach Project to get some fresh ideas for biodiversity monitoring using the ants in your school ground.

The workshop focus will be on ant diversity and will show teachers how to use ants to explain concepts of biodiversity and environmental change. Other topics that will be covered in the workshop include: the role of ants as indicators of biodiversity, morphology and how scientists use morphology to distinguish between different species of ants.

The workshop will also give teachers a first-hand experience of using microscopes and how to use scientific keys to identify ant species. Teachers will receive the necessary worksheets and educational resources to help them implement the project in their Life Science classroom. The content of the workshop aligns with the knowledge strand “Diversity, Continuity and Change” in the Life Science curriculum and is aimed at Grade 10 teachers.

CAPS practical experiments for Grade 10 – 12 presented by the Cape Town Science Centre
Get hands-on with the Grade 10 – 12 CAPS practical experiments
Session 1: Mechanics (Motion in one direction, Newton’s 2nd Law & Conservation of momentum)
Session 2: Reaction Rates



Saturday, 18 February ● 9:00 – 12:00

Making Maths fun in the classroom presented by Living Maths
Struggling to keep the attention of your students in the maths classroom? Feel like you are in competition with all the technology. Join the Living Maths team as they share tips and tricks that have helped kids love maths. This workshop is aimed at teachers that teacher Grade 4 – 7 mathematics.

CAPS practical experiments for Grade 10 – 12 presented by the Cape Town Science Centre
Get hands-on with the Grade 10 – 12 CAPS practical experiments
Session 1: Electricity (Series & Parallel, Current & Potential Dividers, Equivalent Resistance and Internal Resistance)
Session 2: Esters

Hands-on Technology presented by LASEC Laboratory Suppliers
Join the LASEC team as they unpack the tools and materials in their educational products to help you enrich your teaching and making Technology fresh and exciting. Suitable for Grade 8 & 9 teachers.


• All teachers attending events at the Cape Town Science Centre (CTSC) will receive a Certificate of Attendance
• There is NO FEE to attend any of these events and bookings are on a first come first served basis
• Refreshments will be served at all events
• These workshops are supported by the Western Cape Education Department for all schools in the Western Cape.

ALL BOOKINGS , Contact Portia on:

021 300 3200 ● 083 276 9508 ● portia@ctsc.org.za 
Please make your booking early to avoid disappointment.


Principals Evening – watch this space for more info…
WCED Teachers Forum, “Tools for teachers to embrace the digital age in their classrooms” – 24 & 25 March 2017. Watch this space for more info…

We look forward to supporting you in 2017 and building a community of science teachers in the Western Cape.