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Holiday Programmes

EARTHLINGS & SPACE THINGS – Exploring Earth & Beyond

29 September – 8 October 2018

In celebration of Spring & World Space Week that CTSC has put together a fun hands-on programme for children of all ages. We will discover the wonders of space as well as get messy with a bit of food and plant science… Check out our awesome jam-packed programme below.

Download the Earthlings & Space Things Programme



29 & 30 September
Code for Life (Age 8+ ● entry fee only)
Explore the secret world of genetics and extract DNA from strawberries. This simple to understand but spectacular to experience workshop is hands-on and a little bit gross.

Solar System Sosatie (Age 6+ ● entry fee + R10)
Journey through the Solar System and create your own edible model while learning about the planets. Learning has never been so tasty.

Blizzard of Bananas (All Ages ● entry fee only)
Discover your inner chef and witness the creation of DIY ice-cream in minutes. This fruity delight is dairy free and will have you going BANANAS over ice-cream.

Subzero Science (All Ages ● entry fee only)
Investigate the “sublime” science of dry ice. This cold substance allows for cool science experiments to be demonstrated where things bubble, grow and change colour.


1 & 2 October
Colour Chromatography (Age 4+ ● entry fee only)
Create beautiful and easy to be make colourful chromatography flowers! See science and art meet in this workshop where kids learn about chemicals and the important way they can be separated.

Garden in a Bottle (Age 7+ ● entry fee + R10)
Did you know – the plants in a terrarium can survive without any watering or other external care. Build a sustainable eco-system in a bottle to take home and watch it grow.

The Secret Life of Flowers (All Ages ● entry fee only)
Have you ever wondered how flowers reproduce? Come and discover by dissection the inner workings of a flower. You will have a new appreciation for flowers.

Subzero Science (All Ages ● entry fee only)
Investigate the “sublime” science of dry ice. This cold substance allows for cool science experiments to be demonstrated where things bubble, grow and change colour.


3, 4 & 8 October
The Story of Light (Age 9+ ● entry fee only)
Take the journey and uncover the secret story of light. Learn how light contains the story that illuminates the universe to us. This interactive workshop is simple to understand and fun to experience, you may even have a light-bulb moment.

Kooky Kaleidoscope (Age 8+ ● entry fee + R10)
Get artsy with science and experiment with light in a psychedelic fashion. Play with light and colour, exploring the wonders of reflection.

Laser Zone (All Ages ● entry fee only)
Do lasers fascinated and intrigue you? Come and view this demystifying demonstration exploring lasers.

Virtual Reality (Age 7+ ● entry fee only)
Kindly on loan from SARAO
Step into this experience and be teleported to various different locations while never leaving the science centre. A part of this experience will include a virtual visit to some of SA’s grand telescopes.


5, 6 & 7 October
Satellite laser rangers (Age 10+ ● entry fee only)
Presented by SARAO
Geodesy is the science of measuring and representing the Earth’s geometric shape, orientation in space and field of gravity, as well as the changes of these properties with time. Scientists at the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) at Hartebeesthoek use various types of techniques and instruments to do geodesy, including satellite laser ranging (SLR). SLR uses a pulsing laser beam emitted from a ground station on Earth towards a reflector on a satellite, which in turn reflects the beam back to the point of origin. The amount of time it takes for the beam to travel to and back from the satellite can determine, to within a cm, the distance to the satellite. Join scientists from SARAO to learn more about space geodesy, take your own measurements, and help determine the shape of things!

DIY Telescope (Age 9+ ● entry fee + R10)
Step into ancient times and remake a telescope modelled after those used by early astronomers. In this hands-on workshop you will build a telescope that you will be able to take home.

Launchpad (All Ages ● entry fee only)
3, 2, 1 Blast off! Come and see rocketry in action in this demo… Water rockets, rocket poppers and tea bag rockets and so much more.

Wind Tube Challenge (Age 6+ ● entry fee only)
Explore moving air with a variety of everyday objects. Take up the challenge and discover if you are a master maker.

Holiday Regulars

Camera Obscura
Daily @ 11:00 & 15:00 (weather dependant)
Did you know that the Cape Town Science Centre is host to one of only three Camera Obscuras in South Africa? Step into our “Camera Room” and take a 360° tour of the city while standing on one spot. This is a bucket list worthy experience right on your door step. Listen out for announcements to join the tour.

Science Show – Space Launch 101
Daily @ 13:00
Calling all Earthlings join your Commander for the Space Launch 101 Bootcamp. Discover the secrets behind a rocket launch, the essentials to surviving in space and the trick to survive the plummet back to Earth. This show is appropriate for all ages and is a must see for all budding explorers.

Cub Wednesday
Cubs, Brownies and Scouts from any pack will be given free entry to the Cape Town Science Centre on Wednesday 3 October 2018 provided they come dressed in their Cub, Brownie or Scouts uniform.