Calling all FET (Grade 10 – 12) learners! It’s time for the Term 2 FET Practical Experiment Lessons….

We have an awesome opportunity for you! Join us for LIVE FET Virtual Practical Experiment Lessons. These LIVE online lessons and resources are FREE, kicking off on Thursday, 20 May – 11 June 2021. These practical experiments are aimed at Grade 10 – 12 learners.


1. Register for the FET Virtual Practical Experiment Lesson as soon as possible.
2. You will receive the worksheet required for the lesson you have booked for, as well as the link you will need to join the class.

Here are the topics & dates:

> Thursday, 20 & 27 May @ 15:30 – Intermolecular forces (Grade 11)
Investigate the physical properties of water, methanol, glycerine, acetone and cooking
oil. These properties are boiling point, solubility, capillarity and surface tension.

> Friday, 21 & 28 May@ 15:30 – Electric circuits: Series and Parallel (Grade 12)
Explore series and parallel circuits using current and potential difference to determine which circuit
configuration produces more resistance.

> Friday, 4 & 11 June @ 15:30 – Titrations (Grade 10)
Prepare a known solution of an acid, then titrate it with a base to determine its concentration.

This online programme is produced by the Cape Town Science Centre in collaboration with the Western Cape Education Department, is available nationwide.

For further information contact Tasneem – or 083 276 9508.