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Grade 7 – Problem Solving in the Grocery Store

We are heading to the grocery store to explore problem-solving for Grade 7 learners.

Umr went to the local store to do some essential shopping. At the store he bought some groceries which included rice and jellybeans.
1. The rice was on sale for 30% off the original price. He also had a coupon for a discount of 25% off the sale price. If the original price of the rice was R300, what was the final price of the rice?
2. The bag of jellybeans has ¼ blue, 1/8 green and 1/12 yellow jellybeans. The remaining 26 jellybeans are pink. How many blue jellybeans are there?

ANSWER – Problem Solving (Grade 7)

Grade 6 – Data and the Story of Lockdown Activities

Please study the bar graph and answer the questions below:
The survey was done with 500 people in the Cape Town area.

Downloadable Graph (Grade 6)
Please answer the following questions:
1. Which activity was done by most of the people and how many did this activity?
2. What fraction of the people were taking part in playing games? Express your answer in a common fraction and please simplify.
3. How many more people were listening to music than reading books?
4. How many people did not complete the survey?
5. What percentage of people read books?
6. What percentage of people playing video games and did fitness exercise?

ANSWER – Data (Grade 6)

Grade 5 – Algebra and the Family Road Trip


Marty and his family went on a road trip. Marty is 11 years and 6 months old, his sister is 16 years and 7 months old, his mom and dad are 39 and 41 respectively. The family travelled from Cape Town to Durban over 2 days. During the journey the family stopped 5 times to rest. During their stops, they rested for 25, 35, 28, 42 and 50 minutes.

Please answer the following questions:
1. How old are Marty and his sister together?
2. How much older is Marty’s dad than him?
3. What are the family’s ages altogether?
4. How long did it take the family to travel from Cape Town to Durban? Express your answer in hours.
5. Calculate the total amount of time that the family stopped during their journey.
6. What is the difference between travelling and resting/stopping times?

ANSWER – Algebra (Grade 5)

GRADE 4 – Fractions

We will be heading to the bakery to explore fractions for Grade 4 learners.


The bakery made 7 chocolate cakes, each cake was cut into 8 equal slices. Three families from the community, the Bester family, Felino family and Yoti family, bought cakes from the bakery.

Look at the list below to see how much cake each family bought.
● Bester – 2 whole cakes and 4 slices
● Felino – 1 whole cake and 2 slices
● Yoti – 2 whole cakes and 1 slice

Please use the list above to answer the following questions.
Show your calculations as common fractions:
1. Which family bought two and a half cakes?
2. Rewrite the families’ cakes as a common fraction. Hint: How many slices are there is a cake
3. How much cake did the Felino and Yoti families buy together?
4. What is the difference between the amount of cake the Bester and Felino families bought?
5. Calculate how much cake was left.

Hint: Make this a hands-on activity by drawing and cutting out the cake slices. This may make the concept of fractions more relatable. If you have a printer we have created a free printable that you can print out for this activity.

PRINTABLE – Fractions (Grade 4)

ANSWER – Fractions (Grade 4)