discover scienceVisit the CTSC on Sunday 24 August for only R5 or 5 empty cooldrink cans!

Bring all your friends and family members to enjoy a day of fun and science discovery made possible for all our communities by Woolworths Financial Services. On top of the more than 200 hands-on, mind-boggling exhibits and displays, there will be workshops, tours, shows and more to ignite the science passion.



10:30 Camera Obscura Tour
11:00 Planetarium Show
11:00 Cape Mental Health Kitebuilding Workshop
11:30 Camera Obscura Tour
12:00 Science Show
12:00 Make Rocket Poppers at Lucky’s Lab
12:30 Planetarium Show
13:00 Dino Hunt
13:00 Dissection at Lucky’s Lab
13:30 Camera Obscura Tour
13:30 Electric Circuits Workshop
14:00 Science Show
14:30 Planetarium Show
15:00 See what’s under the microscope at Lucky’s Lab
15:30 Camera Obscura Tour

A big science centre thank you to Woolworths Financial Services for making all this possible.