We have an awesome programme lined up for the month of May. We are looking at how photography has developed from when the first camera was made in 1685 until current day digital camera. We are also looking at energy and power and the many different forms and uses. Be sure not to miss out…

We are celebrating mom’s on Sunday, 8 May 2016. Mom’s can visit the CTSC for FREE on Mother’s Day when accompanied by at least one paying child. This has been our long-time tradition and we look forward to welcoming all Mom’s on Sunday!


Yusrah in actionScience Show ● Daily @ 13:00
Some call it magic, we call it science. Our daily Science Shows will excite while nurturing awareness that science is a part of our daily lives.

Camera Obscura ● Daily @ 12:00 & 14:00 (weather dependant)
Have you ever taken a tour of the city while standing on one spot? Join us on one of our Camera Obscura tours for a 360° view of the surrounding area. Listen out for announcements to join the tour.


Saturday, 7 May
11:00 Take the perfect picture – Master the art of composing the perfect picture and if you have one of the winning photographs your photo will be posted on the CTSC Facebook page.

15:00 Make your own video – Bring along your smart phone (you could borrow mom or dad’s) and create a video showing off your favourite exhibits at the CTSC and then learn how to edit your video. The best video will be posted on the CTSC Facebook page.

Sunday, 8 May

pinhole camera 11:00 Marvellous Mother’s day – They say a picture is worth 1000 words but what better way to frame a picture than to create a special handmade frame for your mom, granny or special lady in your life.

15:00 Pinhole camera –A pinhole camera is a simple camera without a lens, a single small aperture (pinhole) that allows in light and projects an inverted image. Join us and you can build a pinhole camera. (Cost: entry fee + R5)

Saturday, 14 May
11:00 Back to basics – Get back to the basics of photography, develop photographs in a dark room using chemicals.
15:00 Memory Game – Match the photographs in the fastest time and stand a chance to win a free ticket to the CTSC.

Sunday, 15 May
11:00 Puzzling pictures – Test your brain and figure out the illusions.
15:00 Camera evolution –Discover what chemicals were used to create a flash in old-fashioned cameras in this exciting demo.

Saturday, 21 May
bloodhound11:00 Bloodhound Balloon Car – The BLOODHOUND SSC, is a supersonic car that is designed not only to go faster than the speed of sound (supersonic) but to over 1,000mph (1,600km/h). It will cover a mile in just 3.6 seconds.Build a model or the Bloodhound car powered by a balloon.

15:00 Steam Power – In 1689 the first steam turbine was built and was used to power boats, trains and even huge ships. Join us to build a steam turbine and understand how they work.

Sunday, 22 May
11:00 Hydro electricity – Build a water wheel and see how hydro power works
15:00 Electricity , Watt? – Discover how your house is wired and build a simple electric circuit.

Saturday, 28 May
11:00 Gunda-Gunda – Watch how potential energy is turned into kinetic energy by building aGunda-Gunda. A gunda-gunda is the zulu name for a cotton reel car.

15:00 Electromagnetic motor – Join this demonstration and see how an electro magnet works.

wire a plugSunday, 29 May
11:00 Wire a plug – Ever wondered which wire goes where? Discover how to wire a plug, a skill you can use for the rest of your life.

15:00 Wind energy – Build an old fashioned windmill and see how wind power works.