Weekend Programme – Magical Maths Month

April 2016

Weekend programme

Magical Maths Month

maths 300x200We are celebrating all things maths this month… Brain teasers, tangrams, puzzles, shapes, percentages and loads more. Be sure to join us!

Science Show ● Daily @ 13:00
Some call it magic, we call it science. Our daily Science Shows will excite while nurturing awareness that science is a part of our daily lives.

Camera Obscura ● Daily @ 12:00 & 14:00 (weather dependant)
Have you ever taken a tour of the city while standing on one spot? Join us on one of our Camera Obscura tours for a 360° view of the surrounding area. Listen out for announcements to join the tour.

Solutions await – 9 & 10 April 
Saturday, 9 April
11:00 Fill the bucket – Test your mathematic skills and stretch your mind to solve a tricky brain teaser.
15:00 Calculated treasure hunt – Solve your way to the treasure using wit and mathematics.

Sunday, 10 April
11:00 Maths Media – Discover cool interactive online maths games and put your brain to the test.
15:00 Problem solve your way across Southern Africa – Use building material to travel across Southern Africa.

What’s my statistic – 16 & 17 April
Saturday, 16 April
11:00 DNA – Discover how unique you are and what percentage of the World shares your genetic make up.
15:00 Magical maths – Unleash the magical power of mathematics and see how it will work for you…

Sunday, 17 April
11:00 What’s my chances of getting the flu? – See how in everyday life you could come into contact with many germs without even being aware.
15:00 Estimations – Put your guessing hat on and see how accurate you can be…

Shape Up – 23 & 24 April 
Saturday, 23 April
11:00 Tangrams – Design your own picture using shapes and geometry.
15:00 3D Puzzles – Put your thinking cap on and solve these tricky 3D puzzles

Sunday, 24 April
11:00 Puzzling papers – See how simple stationery can turn into cool tricks and illusions.
15:00 Shape up aerobics – Turn your body inside out, upside down and into some interesting shapes… you’ll be exercising and you won’t even know it.