Out of this WorldWe are uncovering things that are out of this world and challenging if you could get yourself out of a sticky situation… Join us for the last two weekends of July and test out your skills.

Saturday, 23 July
11:00 ZOOB Monsters (entry fee only)
Don’t be afraid of monsters… Create and control your own monster.

15:00 Mind over matter (entry fee + R5)
This is a situation on mind over matter… what lies before you may look like one thing but could be something complete different. You are going to need to be brave for this sticky situation.

Sunday, 24 July
11:00 Glow in the dark slime (entry fee + R5)
Mix a few household items to make a googy slime.

15:00 Inflatable Balloon (entry fee only)
Create a giant balloon using simple household ingredients. Watch it grow bigger and bigger… be careful it might pop.

Saturday, 30 July
11:00 Afraid of the dark? (entry fee only)
Are you afraid of the dark? Join us and overcome Achluophobia (fear of the dark) through our obstacle course… and the twist is you will be blind folded.

15:00 Rocket away from Danger (entry fee only)
Design and build your own rocket to escape any danger.

Sunday, 31 July
11:00 New safe world (entry fee only)
Ever wished you had your own space to escape to? Come and design your own planet.

15:00 Spy glass (entry fee only)
To keep an eye out for danger, make your own Periscope to spy on scary stuff.