soundhouseSoundHouse is a music education learning vision designed to facilitate the teaching of musical concepts through music technology. Particular focus is given to music experimentation, composition, learning and recording, digital media such as picture stories, music videos and digital mash-ups. Programmes are collectively inclusive and fun based, providing an ideal stimulus for the creative mind. SoundHouse courses are aimed at children as young as 5 years all the way through high school, to university students and teachers who need professional development.

This unique facility consists of 15 workstations that can accommodate up to thirty participants. It offers a musical multi-media experience for everyone aged 6 and over who has an interest in music using computer technology. A wide variety of interactive and curriculum based courses are on offer. Each session lasts about an hour, during which one-on-one assistance is provided to would-be composers, musicians, sound engineers and performers.

What makes the SoundHouse so remarkable is that the participants do not have to be musicians or computer-literate. With the technology available, they are able to express themselves musically without any knowledge of musical theory or the ability to play an instrument. Programmes and courses are fun and entertaining, while still having educational value and introducing young people to music through technology.

The Soundhouse was previously located in the Baxter Theatre and is now based in the Cape Town Science Centre.


Tel: 021 447 0018