SpaceLab UCTUCT SpaceLab has signed an agreement with the Cape Town Science Centre to cooperate on space awareness projects. The agreement will see the two entities cooperating in the development of space exhibits and space awareness activities. They have also agreed to work together on project proposals for joint projects and to promote each other’s activities.

Julie Cleverdon, Director of the Cape Town Science Centre commented, “The ‘adventures’ in space science are fascinating and exciting and have always inspired and motivated our visitors to want to learn more about space and science in general. We look forward to this collaboration to really help us build on this postive motivating factor to inspire our youth”. Professor Peter Martinez from UCT SpaceLab said, “We are excited about this partnership as space awareness is an important component of the outreach activities of UCT SpaceLab, and the Cape Town Science Centre provides an excellent platform to implement such activities because of its wide reach.”