Date: Wednesday, 28 September 2016
Time: 18:00 for 18:30
Venue: Cape Town Science Centre (370B Main Road, Observatory)
Cost: R50 per person
Bookings: or 021 300 3200

social-media-300x150As social media pursues world domination, many parents appear to be stuck between a rock and a hard place: if they monitor their children’s cyberspace activities, are they violating their right to privacy? If they don’t, are they irresponsible parents?

The Cape Town Science Centre invites parents, educators and anyone else who’s interested to attend an informal panel discussion on this thorny issue. The idea is not to dwell on the horror stories, although they undoubtedly exist, but to provide some direction for parents who want to protect their offspring. It’s a complex question: would you feel any qualms about reading your child’s personal diary, found in a suitcase under her bed?

Our two guest presenters, Sharon Knowles and Bronwyn Johnson, will lead the discussion and field questions from the audience, with journalist Alan Duggan as moderator. Bronwyn is a tireless adventurer (she’s climbed Kilimanjaro and eaten crocodile), marketing professional, author and blogger who describes herself as “a small South African woman who wants to make a huge impact in the world”. A staunch advocate of social media, she’s happy to explain why.

Striking a more cautionary note is Sharon Knowles, CEO of cyber security company Da Vinci Forensics and co-founder of the Da Vinci Foundation, a non-profit that educates and provides assistance to the public on issues such as cyber bullying and cyber stalking. Sharon regularly addresses school on these topics. She holds an Executive MBA from the UCT Graduate School of Business.

Bookings: or 021 300 3200