Space_Discovery_DayBe sure to join us for the fourth and final Discovery Day for this year, made possible by the generous sponsorship of the British High Commission. Our theme is Space and Astronomy, and we promise an “out of this world” experience for young and old.

Entry fee: R5 or 5 empty cans, for everyone, all day long!


Programme – Saturday 25 October 2014:

10:30 Camera Obscura Tour
Planetarium Show
Send a postcard to the Curiosity Rover & create a boarding pass to Orion
11:00 Space Binoculars workshop presented by SAAO
11:30 Camera Obscura Tour
Ten exciting things taking place in space right now. Presented by Jonathan Weltman
12:00 Planetarium Show
Science Show
12:30 ‘SPACE DONUT’ – Join a fun & informal discussion around all the latest and greatest issues related to Space!  Join the ‘talking ring’, be enthused and engaged and get a donut (the eating kind!) for your efforts. This is an activity for curious ‘kids’ of all ages. The discussions are facilitated by Jonathan Weltman from the Foundation for Space Development.
13:00 Rocket Hour – make water bottle rockets, balloon rockets & rocket poppers
13:30 Why is al-shalan squared a parable? Presented by Rupert Spann from the SKA
14:00 Camera Obscura Tour
Science Show
14:30 Future careers in Space – you will be amazed! Presented by Jonathan Weltman
15:00 Camera Obscura Tour
Telescope workshop – Make a refractive telescope to take home – due to limited resources attendance is restricted to one member per family
15:30 Planetarium Show
Send a postcard to the Curiosity Rover & create a boarding pass to Orion

Don’t miss Big Box Games on the Giant Floor Map, SAAO Planetary Map in the Space Area and the Curiosity Mars Rover & Activity Area!

Thank you to the British High Commission for making this day possible.

British High Commission                 Vision 20:20