To understand a Science, one needs to know the history. Let’s go back into the history of science and celebrate some local and international scientists!

Visit us at the CTSC every Saturday for some amazing science workshops and demonstrations that will celebrate the history of scientific research. We will be highlighting new scientists every weekend, including subjects such as physics and biology.

OPENING HOURS*: Monday – Saturday, 09:00 – 16:30
*Kindly note that the CTSC is closed on Sundays.

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10:00 & 14:00 | Cost: R5 + entry fee
The Inflatable Planetarium is an immersive environment that promotes learning about our universe, planets, eclipses and inventions that helped shape the way we see the universe today.
Join one of our shows and be transported into a world of adventure and learning.

12:00 & 13:30 | Cost: Entry fee
Have you ever taken a tour of the city while standing on one spot? Join us on one of our Camera Obscura tours for a 360° view of the surrounding area. Listen out for announcements to join the tour. Please note that this activity is weather dependant.

13:00 | Cost: Entry fee
Some call it magic, we call it science. Our daily Science Shows will excite while nurturing awareness that science is a part of our daily lives.

Information correct at time of publishing. Programme is subject to change without notice.