The REACH Open Day encourages parents to join their children for a fun-filled day of coding and robotics at the Cape Town Science Centre.

Coding and robotics are aimed at guiding and preparing learners to solve problems, think critically, work collaboratively and creatively, and function in a digital and information-driven world. Join your kids on our Open Day and put your finger on the pulse of these exciting national school curriculum subjects.


When: Saturday, 26 March 2022
Time: 09:00 – 16:30
Where: Cape Town Science Centre (370B Main Road, Observatory)

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REACH Tinkering and Navigation Station:
The REACH robot is like the new kid on the block in the robot world. Join us at the Tinkering station to build various models of the robot or the navigation station to control the robot to follow a track to reach the finish line.

– Camera Obscura Tours (all ages | max 20 people)
A camera obscura is a giant walk-in camera room that allows you to see a 360⁰ view of the surrounding area.

– AstroTrek Light Room Tour (all ages | max 20 people)
Join the tour of our AstroTrek Light Room to learn more about the science of light and why we see colour.

– Intro to Coding using SCRATCH (age 8+ | max 20 people)
This workshop will introduce you (parents and children) to the world of coding.

– Six Bricks Workshop (age 4 -7 | max 30 people)
This workshop aims to introduce learning through play by developing memory, perceptual and communication skills.

– Binary Bracelets (age 6+ | max 30 people)
Binary is the language of our computers. Join this hands-on workshop where we will be using binary code to spell your initials using beads that represent the two binary numbers.

– Beebots Workshop (age 5 – 7 | max 30 people)
Coding doesn’t have to be on the computer. Join this hands-on workshop to learn more about unplugged coding to sequence your bot to arrive at a chosen destination.

– Electric Circuits Workshop (age 7+ | max 30 people)
Electricity is the flow of electrons connected in a circuit. Join this hand-on workshop to arrange the components of an electric circuit to power different outputs.

– Planetarium Show (all ages | max 20 people)
Learn about solar eclipses, the ice age, volcanoes, extinction of the dinosaurs, the water cycle and food chains in this exciting show as seen from the perspective of a family living on the Moon.

– Science Show (all ages | max 100 people)
Some call it magic, we call it science. Our Science Show will excite while nurturing awareness that science is a part of our daily lives.

Information correct at time of publishing. Programme is subject to change without notice.