pulsesIt’s the International Year of Pulses* and we are discovering interesting ways to use pulses other that eating them… Join us as we uncover some pretty interesting uses.

*Each year the United Nations chooses a new subject to focus on for the betterment of the planet and all that live on it. In 2016 it is The International Year of Pulses, which aims to heighten public awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses as part of sustainable food production aimed towards food security and nutrition.


Saturday, 6 August
11:00 Pressured Rally Racing – Build an balloon car and see which one is the fastest.
15:00 How slow can you go? – Learn more about friction by using nutritious legumes as a surface

Sunday, 7 August
11:00 Jelly bean structure – Use you architectural skills to build a sweet structure.
15:00 Bean teasers – Play a general knowledge game about Pulses

Saturday, 13 August – see National Science Week programme

Sunday, 14 August
11:00 CD Hover craft – May the best HOVER win
15:00 Lucky’s Lab: Body in motion – Learn more about how your muscles work to get your body moving

Saturday, 20 August
11:00 Bean Mania – How fast can you sort things into categories? Have you ever tried to make legumes dance? Join us and test how good you are…
15:00 Hit the target – Load… Aim… Fire… Make a launcher, test your accuracy and precision to hit a target.

Sunday, 21 August
11:00 Gunda Gunda – Watch how potential energy is turned into kinetic energy by building a Gunda-Gunda. A gunda-gunda is the zulu name for a cotton reel car.
15:00 Submarine – Put pressure to the test and control a submarine.