Challenging carbohydrate beliefs in our society, especially as it relates to children – Prof Tim Noakes

Tim NoakesDate: Tuesday, 10 May 2016
Time: 18:00 for 18:30
Venue: Cape Town Science Centre, SAP Auditorium
Cost: R100 per person*
Bookings: 021 300 3200 or

University of Cape Town Emeritus Professor Tim Noakes, takes centre stage ​at the Cape Town Science Centre on Tuesday, ​to challenge beliefs of carbohydrates in our diet and in particular in the diet of children.

Join the conversation as Professor Noakes takes us on a journey on how our diet has evolved over the past 2 to 3 million years, from our ‘hunting days’, to the first ​Agricultural ​R​evolution and right up to​ today. Importantly, how the changes in our diet over time have affected our health and why he proposes a low carbohydrate diet ​for both young and old.

Professor Noakes believes that the adoption of the high carbohydrate low fat diets after 1977, as the official global (healthy) eating plan, has been followed with an epidemic of obesity and diabetes that appears uncontrollable.

Professor Noakes is well known for his passionate advocacy of a low carbohydrate diet for adults and importantly also for children. ​He ​​believes that “the diet debate is critical for South Africa because it is my contention that a healthy population cannot be developed if our children are exposed to high carbohydrate diets from an increasingly young age. The optimum development of the brain at all ages requires diets that are high in protein, and especially fat, and low in refined carbohydrates.”

This talk, followed by a facilitated Q&A session, presents an opportunity for the audience to learn more about a low carbohydrate eating plan and its benefits​, specifically for children.

*​Please note, your entry fee for this talk contributes directly to the Mission of the Cape Town Science Centre,​ To make a hands on contribution to South Africa’s future by strengthening its science ​and technology ​culture​ ​through interactive​ ​methods of​ ​teaching; to excite the youth​ ​and general public about science and offer educational​ ​services to learners and educators​​​.​

With sincere thanks to Professor Tim Noakes for his valuable time and continued support.