Kimie Soroban expertYou are invited to a fascinating presentation by a SOROBAN expert!

The Soroban is an ancient Japanese abacus that is still in use today. In a recent contest between the operators of a Soroban and a Calculator, the Soroban won 4-1.
What makes this device so awesome? How is it possible to use the device to perform maths calculations at high speed? Is it true that 3 year olds are already proficient on it?

Join international Soroban expert, Kimie Markarian from Japan and she will answer these questions and more.
Date: Wednesday, 5 February
Time: 17:30 for 18:00
Venue: Cape Town Science Centre
Bookings: or 021 300 3200
Cost: NO CHARGE – donations welcome. All donations directly support the educational programmes and exhibits. We value and encourage your support.
This event will be streamed live.

More about Kimie and the evening….
Kimie Markarian was born in Tokyo and worked in a life insurance company, summing up monthly premiums at the head office. In that time, companies did not have computers or calculators, so women who wished to work in offices had to master either typing or using the Japanese abacus “Soroban”. She reached the highest level of proficiency in Soroban skill. In 1970 she moved to the UK and since then she has been teaching neighbourhood children and visiting schools in various countries to promote the Soroban. Despite the presence of the computer age, the usage of the Soroban is still prevalent in parts of the world. It is a powerful educational tool for teachers and learners. Kimie will give you a breakdown of what it is, how it works and how to impress the socks off your friends and family with your new-found skills.