low alcohol wines

Talk presented by Werner Engelbrecht and Dee Blackhurst

Low alcohol wines are one of the fastest growing categories in the global wine market. Werner Engelbrecht will look at the reasons for higher alcohol levels in wine, discuss the various ways in which low alcohol wines can be created and look at future trends in wine making which will shape this category. Dr Dee Blackhust will highlight and explain the science behind the health benefits of wine in general, and low alcohol wines in particular.

Werner Engelbrecht is the Managing Director at ConeTech SA, a company specialising in the removal and adjustment of alcohol in wine through the use of Spinning Cone technology. They work with several clients in the South African Wine Industry and provide a service for clients who want to create low alcohol wines by removing the alcohol.

Dr Dee Blackhurst is a lecturer/researcher at UCT Medical School. She has been involved in researching the potential health benefits of wine for more than a decade, and has presented her research findings at local and international conferences. She is at present involved in a research project exploring the benefits of low alcohol wines.

This event will include tasting of low alcohol wines.