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Science Show ● Daily @ 13:00
Some call it magic, we call it science. Our daily Science Shows will excite while nurturing awareness that science is a part of our daily lives.

Camera Obscura ● Daily @ 12:00 & 14:00 (weather dependant)
Have you ever taken a tour of the city while standing on one spot? Join us on one of our Camera Obscura tours for a 360° view of the surrounding area. Listen out for announcements to join the tour.

Saturday, 30 April
11:00 Be a builder – In the Building site, with building regulations, safety rules (Age 4+)
15:00 Match-it game – Match careers with their equipment in this fun match-it game created in SCRATCH. (Age 5+)

Sunday, 1 May
11:00 I want to be a scientist? – do you own experiment and see what it feels like to be a scientist (Age 6+)
15:00 Career Role Play – Ever wondered what it feels like to be a scientist, engineer, doctor? Join in and role play your dream career. (Age 6+)

Monday, 2 May – Star Wars day
11:00 Galaxy in a tube – Make a kaleidoscope take it home (Age 6+ ● R10)
15:00 Astro light – Brighten your knowledge about light using lasers while discovering more about our solar system (Age 7+)

Please note the CTSC will be open from 10:00 – 16:30 on 2 May 2016. We look forward to welcoming you!