In the spirit of developing an entrepreneurial culture among young people, we’ve organised a kids market this summer. Shop at our first ever kids market! Not only do you support the little entrepreneurs but you will also enjoy all the Cape Town Science Centre’s exhibits and cool techy programme. There will be awesome gifts to buy – products include delicious homemade confectionery, electric buzzer kits, slime, kinetic sand, emoji pillows, jewellery, educational toys, second-hand toys and so much much more!

All visitors will be treated to CTSC’s exhibits and the uber cool techy holiday programme activities that we have lined up (Minecraft Code Connect courses, 3-D Design & printing workshops, App building workshops, VR Viewer demonstrations, Bee-Bots for the younger visitors, science shows, camera obscura tours, flight simulations and so much more…

Date: 09 December 2017

Time: 10:00-13:00

Entry: Standard CTSC entry fee

Suitable for: The whole family

Enquiries: or 021 300 3200