Scientists aren’t grown in labs, they develop through play!

Purposeful play through experimentation are the building blocks of learning and learner development. For the whole month of November, the Cape Town Science Centre will be hosting a special Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme. ‘Young scientists’ will be introduced to a world of experimentation through hands-on learning including dynamic workshops tailored to the level of the learners, captivating science shows to ignite their imagination and engaging exhibits that encourage self-exploration of science through play.

Download the ECD Month Programme

A world of learner development awaits!

• Increase learners Cognitive Development through problem-solving in CTSC’s hands-on workshops
• Stimulate Social and Emotional Development through teamwork as learners build a wall in the CTSC Building site
Develop Speech and Language through communication as learners ask questions, respond to activities and share their experiences.
• Refine learner’s Fine Motor Skills through practical experimentation.
• Grow learners Gross Motor Skills as they experience CTSC’s #FrictionAddiction Slide

Specialised workshops on offer for ECD Month:

Chemistry can be found all around us. Explore the joy and wonder of chemistry in this introductory workshop suitable for all ages. Using non-toxic chemicals, many of which the learners may know from home, learning about mixtures, pure substances and captivating chemistry through experimentation.

Making bubbles can be more than a simple pastime! There is a great deal of science behind making bubbles and understanding how they behave. Learn all about the wondrous world of bubbles.

Sound is caused when an object vibrates. Investigate the many different ways objects can vibrate to produce sound while learning more about the properties of sound.

A perfect introduction to coding and computational thinking! This workshop is appropriate for Foundation Phase learners and allows coding to be explored through tangible and visual experience.

How important is play for your learner’s development? When playing on the Concor Construction Site learners develop both their gross motor and fine motor skills as well as planning, problem-solving and teamwork. This is a wonderful platform for learners to learn pre-maths concepts and the value of numbers rather than just rote counting. This activity will form part of your visit.

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