Home School Workshops

Jan - Dec 2020

Home School Programme

The Cape Town Science Centre is committed to supporting the Home Schooling community with hands-on, curriculum-based workshops.

Science is a practical subject and whichever curriculum you use, carrying out experiments is a necessary part of the learning experience. We are aware of the difficulties homeschoolers have in accessing the necessary equipment in order to carry out required experiments, especially at high school level.

The Cape Town Science Centre offers bespoke hands-on workshops and activities for home schooled learners to assist with practical experiments that can’t be done at home.

Should you wish to book a Home School visit please note the following,
• A group of 10 learners or more of similar academic level is required
• Two experiments can be conducted per session – Please identify which experiments you would like conducted. 
• A bookings need to be made with Tasneem (Bookings Coordinator) – bookings@ctsc.org.za or 021 300 3200