Join us at the Cape Town Science Centre and be part of the Adventure through Nature! We are celebrating the International Year of Plant Health at the Cape Town Science Centre with a jam-packed holiday programme.

Check out the fun activities we have on offer for the duration of the school holidays – daily hands-on workshops, busking demonstrations, Camera Obscura Tours, Science Shows, Clubs and so much more.



NEW EXHIBITION – What is it used for?

An eclectic mix of items showcased to stimulate curiosity and wonder. This exhibition comprises of items, all of them slightly weird or unusual, some old and some new, whose use is not obvious at first glance. Take a wonder through his mini exhibition and see how many of these items you recognise and can identify their use. This mini exhibition is curated by Prof. Mike Bruton.

Plant-a-Spek (Ages 6+; entry fee only)

The Spekboom goes by many names such as, Elephant Bush or even Pork Bush. The Spekboom is an incredible succulent plant indigenous to South Africa (Eastern Cape). Learn about its amazing qualities that make it a must-have in your garden, how to plant a Spekboom from a cutting, how to be responsible where you plant it and even practice your planting right here at the Cape Town Science Centre! Join us and leave your mark in the fight against climate change! Suitable for the whole family.

A wish for our planet (Ages 6+; entry fee only)

Ancient legends tell of the tale of a thousand swans, stating that if you fold 1000 origami swans a wish will be granted unto you. At the Cape Town Science Centre, we have a wish against climate change. Join us this holiday in our quest to fold 1000 swans. Bring along your entire family and let’s make a wish for OUR future! These swans will be hung up at the CTSC.


Camera Obscura
Have you ever taken a tour of the city while standing on one spot? Join us on one of our Camera Obscura tours for a 360° view of the surrounding area. Listen out for announcements to join the tour. Please note that this activity is weather dependant.

Science Show
Daily @ 13:00
Some call is magic, we call it science. Our daily Science Shows will excite while nurturing awareness that science is a part of our daily lives.

Cub Wednesday
Cubs, Brownies and Scouts from any pack will be given free entry to the Cape Town Science Centre on Wednesday, 25 March 2020 provided they come dressed in their Cub, Brownie or Scouts uniform.

FREE Entry for Grandparents
Grandparents will be given free entry to the Cape Town Science Centre on Thursday, 27 March 2020 when accompanied by at least one paying child.