Is it magic or is it science? We often encounter things that mysterious and seek to understand them. Science is an exciting way to explore the mysterious, allowing us to gain more understanding and grow our knowledge of the world. Science might not be magic but that doesn’t mean it can be magical!

Magical Science in a Minute
You don’t need hours or expensive equipment to explore the magical world of science. Try these easy to do, cheap science experiments which will only take a minute!

Missing Money

You will need
• A coin
• Glass
• Water

What to do
Place the glass on a table, with the coin underneath the glass. Looking though the side of the glass (not directly overhead), see the coin at the moment. Now keeping your eye on the coin, slowly fill the glass with water.

What to look out for
As the glass begins to fill with water you’ll notice the coin seems to disappear. This is due to the refraction (bending) of light as the light passes through the water. Move your head and look down from directly overhead and you’ll notice the coin is still where you left it – right underneath the glass.