Is it magic or is it science? We often encounter things that mysterious and seek to understand them. Science is an exciting way to explore the mysterious, allowing us to gain more understanding and grow our knowledge of the world. Science might not be magic but that doesn’t mean it can be magical!

Magical Science in a Minute
You don’t need hours or expensive equipment to explore the magical world of science. Try these easy to do, cheap science experiments which will only take a minute!

Magical Magnetic Cornflakes

You will need
• A bowl of Kellogg’s Cornflakes
• A single magnet
• Bowl of water

What to do
Sprinkle a few cornflakes into the bowl of water, allowing the cornflakes to float. Now bring the magnet near the floating cornflakes.

What to look out for
Using the magnet, you will be able move the floating cornflakes around the bowl of water. The cornflakes contain a large amount of iron which is magnetic. The iron in the cornflake is attracted to the magnet causing it to move toward the magnet it is brought near to the floating cornflake.