Great scientific discoveries aren’t always born in hi-tech laboratories. Many discoveries were made in unexpected places using everyday materials. The next great scientific discovery could be made in your home. Here are some home-based D.I.Y. science experiments to get you started on your journey of discovery.

DIY Science Experiments
No fancy or expensive equipment needed. Enjoy home-based science experiment using everyday home items!
Please perform all experiments with adult supervision.

Anti-Gravity Cup

You will need
• Balloon
• Cup

What to do
Inflate the balloon till it is slightly larger than the circumference of the cup. Hold the balloon firmly to the opening of the cup and inflate the balloon further.

What to look out for
Once the balloon has been fully inflated that plastic cup should ‘stick’ to the balloon. This is due to a change in the air-pressure within the cup. As the balloon was inflated the air pressure within the cup was slightly lowered. This results in the anti-gravity effect of the cup holding onto the balloon and not falling.