Guy Fawkes Weekend ProgrammeWhat’s all the Hype around Guy Fawkes?

Come and join us for our exploding weekend programme – 7 & 8 November

Celebrate Guy Fawkes, African Style at the Cape Town Science Centre

Guy Fawkes was a man who lived over 400 years ago in England. He was part of a group of men who felt mistreated by their government, because the government was unfair towards Roman Catholics. A group of men devised a plan to blow up the parliament and kill King James the first and his leaders. However, their plan was discovered and Guy Fawkes was caught and hanged and ever since that day in 1605, on the 5th of November, people celebrate the day.

Penny For The Guy
Kids and adults got crafty and make home-made almost life-size Guy Fawkes. Some get carried, put on sticks, stuck in shopping trolleys and pushed around, with a sign saying Penny for the Guy. The money collected with the Guy is then used to buy fireworks and sparklers. South African children have adapted the idea slightly and called it Penny Penny. Township residents celebrate 5 November by dressing up in their (or their parents’) best clothes and asking for money. In certain South African cultures it’s all about bizarre cross-dressing, whipping out that Sunday best and putting up a killer performance in exchange for some coins.

Dress up and stand a chance to win a prize at the end of the Science Show at 13:00.

Weekend Programme:

Saturday, 7 November
11:00 Design a mask (Age 7+) – Explore the animal world and how animals are classified while getting crafty and making an animal mask.
12:00 Camera Obscura (Suitable for the whole family)
13:00 Exploding science show (Suitable for the whole family)
14:00 Camera Obscura (Suitable for the whole family)
15:00 Bonfire S’more (Age 6+) – Get cooking with science and discover the science behind marshmallows. Enjoy a tasty s’more treat at the end.

Sunday, 8 November
11:00 Fireworks in a jar (Age 6+) – Safety first… no need for big explosions to enjoy the beautiful colour and patterns that fireworks create, we can make them in a jar.
12:00 Camera Obscura (Suitable for the whole family)
13:00 Science show… with a bang (Suitable for the whole family)
14:00 Camera Obscura (Suitable for the whole family)
15:00 Salt-absorbing fireworks (Age 7+) – Make fireworks using simple home ingredient and discover the relationship between salt and water.