mars barometer R7,5kDid you know that the Cape Town Science Centre has a scale model of the Mars Rover Curiosity?

If you didn’t know, it’s probably because we’re keeping it safe until we can build a Martian landscape where it can roam around while YOU’RE driving it! This playpen we have in mind has so much more than just valleys and dust – we’ve dreamed up a very exciting interactive experience where you can learn more about the mysterious Red Planet.

Now building such an exciting exhibit isn’t cheap, and we need every little bit of help we can get. Your donation might just tip the scales in our favour. Please consider contributing to this project today.

Ways to donate:

  • Online – click here
  • At the CTSC Ticket Office
  • Direct deposit into the CTSC bank account
    Standard Bank
    Account name: Interactive Science Foundation
    Account number: 070098549
    Thibault Square branch code: 020909
    Reference: Your name/Mars Rover
  • Or just empty your pockets into the black hole at the CTSC entrance!

Click here to see our Mars Rover in action

So far we have collected R7,138.70 of our R80,000 target – thank you to every single person for their donation!