Onions have layers, oceans have layers too. In this activity, we dive into the different layers of the ocean. We will also show you how you can recreate the ocean layers inside a bottle.

DIY VIDEO: Ocean in a Bottle

What you will need for OCEAN IN A BOTTLE
● 500ml water bottle
● 300ml water
● 4 – 5 drops of blue food colouring
● 125ml of cooking oil
● Permanent marker

What’s going on?
Water molecules are attracted to one another just like oil molecules are attracted to each other. However, oil and water do not mix. The water molecules are held together by hydrogen bonds and the water molecules form polar (slightly charged) ends. Oils and fats do not have any polar part and so will not mix with water molecules or dissolve in the water.

The oil and water are immiscible, even when shaken. Therefore you will have tiny bubbles of oil in the water but will the oil eventually settle at the top of the water because it is less dense

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