This is safe to try at home and uses simple household ingredients. A little hint – put a tray or plate underneath the glasses so clean up is easier 

VIDEO: Colourful Chemistry Experiment
When Bicarbonate of Soda (bicarb) is mixed with vinegar, we have an acid-base reaction. This reaction between the bicarb and the vinegar results in the release of a gas, known as Carbon Dioxide, you can see this by the bubbles at the end of the experiment! The soap traps the gas bubbles and gives it the foamy appearance.

Did you know that you breathe out Carbon Dioxide every time you exhale?

What you will need to try this at home:

● Bicarbonate of Soda
● Vinegar
● Liquid Soap
● Food colouring – red, yellow and blue
● 5 bowls or small glasses
● A plate or tray

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