Take our daily marvellous Primary School Maths Thinker to sharpen your mind and enhance your skills. Find curriculum-aligned maths questions to help your child explore essential concepts. Daily questions will be posted Monday to Thursday for Grade 4 – 7 respectively. Look out for the solutions to these questions every Friday (all grades). The CTSC Education Team will be standing by should you have any questions – please reach out by posting any questions on our Facebook or Instagram page in the comments section. #CTSCMaths

Grade 7

1. When the birthday cake was about to be served, Paula was told that she could have 60%, 0.6, 6% and 3/5. Which 3 would give Paula the same size portion?

2. 4/7 of the birthday cake was eaten on your birthday. The next day your brother ate ½ of what was left. You get to finish the cake, how much is left?

3. The science centre parking lot holds 1000 vehicles. 2/5 of the parking spaces are for cars. When Busi went there for her child’s birthday party, 200 cars and some buses were in the parking lot. The parking lot was ¾ full. How many buses were in the parking lot

4. Noni was so excited when she went with her family to Ceres. While Noni was there, she wanted to make snowballs to make a fort. Noni can build 15 snowballs in an hour but 2 snowballs melt every15 minutes. How long does it take her to build 210 snowballs?

5. In order to make English toffee ice cream, it requires ¼ cup of cream for 5 people. Akash needs to make ice cream for 8 people. How much cream will Akash need?

6. Justin loves soccer and when taking penalty shots, he can score in the net 65% of the time. If he takes 30 shots, how many goals can he score?

7. Cidique built a fence around his rectangular shaped pool. The posts are 2 metres apart, there are 8 posts along the length and 4 posts along the width. How many posts does Cidique need and what are the dimensions of the fence?

8. A bag of sweets can be shared equally among 6, 5 and 3 students with none left over. What is the least amount of sweets that can be in the bag at the beginning?

9. If there are 150 people celebrating their birthday in the world every minute, how many people’s birthday are every hour, every day and every year?

10. An 800 room hotel is divided into 3 sections. There are 270 rooms in section 1 and 150 more in section 2 than there are in section 3. How many rooms are in section 2?


Grade 6

This week we will be challenging the Grade 6 learners with WORD SUMS.

1. Tasneem has already prepared 19 kilograms of cookie dough and will continue preparing 1 kilogram of cookie dough every hour. How many hours did Tasneem work if she prepared 31 kilograms of cookie dough?

2. Since she was hired, a rollercoaster operator has strapped on 9 974 children and 3 184 adults. What is the total number of guests served? Choose the closest estimate between 23 000 guests and 14 000 guests.

3. Gerhard has 6 plants in his back garden. In addition to this, he can grow 2 plants with every seed packet he uses. How many seed packets does Gerhard need to use to have a total of 56 plants in his back garden?

4. An apple farm harvested apples for 5 days. They picked 5 640 apples each day. How many apples did the farm harvest?

5. Write the following numbers using words?
5.1. 3 040
5.2. 1 020
5.3. 2 054
5.4. 9 010

6. Medical technologists are studying blood samples. There were two samples containing a total of 89 730 blood cells. The first sample contained 35 603 blood cells. How many blood cells were in the second sample?

7. A square lounge has sides that are 10 metres long. What is the lounge area?

8. Bafo brought a cake to the class picnic. He brought 5 chocolate cakes and 12 vanilla cakes. Each cake had 16 slices. How many slices of cake did Bafo bring to the picnic?


Grade 5

This week we will be challenging the Grade 5 learners with WORD PROBLEMS.

1. The education department issued 935 pencils to a school. The pencils are divided equally among 12 classrooms. The rest of the pencils are given to the library. How many pencils were issued to each classroom and to the library?

2. Thembi has just inherited money from his grandfather.
He spends 4/5 of his money on a beautiful flat.
He spends 3/4 of his money on a boat.
He spends 2/3 of his money on an overseas holiday.
He gives the remaining R10 000 to his favourite charity.
How much money did he win?

3. A fox spots a rabbit sitting happily nibbling grass 18 meters away. At the same moment, the rabbit notices the fox. The fox chases the rabbit who runs away from him.
The fox can run 5 meters per second and the rabbit can run 3 meters per second.
3.1 How long will it take the fox to catch up with the rabbit?
3.2 Rabbit’s hole is 30 meters away from him when he spots the fox. Will he be able to get into his hole before the fox catches him?

4. Akash spent some time building a wall with 650 bricks. On the first day he managed to lay 243 bricks. He got more and more tired each day, and only managed to lay 2/3 of the number of bricks as the day before.
4.1 How many days did it take him to build the wall?
4.2 Cidique is also building a wall with 650 bricks and on the first day he managed to lay 180 bricks. He also gets more tired each day, and lays 22 fewer bricks than the day before. Who builds their wall first?


Grade 4

This week we will be challenging the Grade 4 learners with WORD SUMS.

1. Mrs Bester baked 10 trays of 36 cookies. After they cooled she divided the cookies evenly into 5 boxes. How many cookies were put into each box?

2. A box containing 4 identical books weighs 5 kg. If the weight of the box is 600g, what is the weight of each book?

3. A window cleaner takes 3 hours to wash 30 windows. All the windows are the same size. How many minutes does the window cleaner take to wash each window?

4. Marty had 114 animal cards. He kept 10 and shared the rest equally among his 8 friends. How many animal cards did each friend get?

5. Gabi went to a shoe shop and counted 324 pairs of shoes. She went to another shoe shop and counted 231 pairs of shoes. How many pairs of shoes did Gabi count in total and how many shoes in total?

6. On a Friday evening a pizza shop had orders for 54 pepperoni, 97 vegetable and 335 cheese pizzas. If the 4 cooks each made an equal number of pizzas, how many pizzas did each cook make?

7. Your family had a cake party. 3/8 of one cake was leftover and 4/8 of another cake was leftover. You put them together in one box. How much cake do you have altogether?

8. You have 20 5/6 cm of yarn to make a bracelet. You only use 12 3/6 cm of yarn to make the bracelet. How much yarn is left over?