Take our daily marvellous Primary School Maths Thinker to sharpen your mind and enhance your skills. Find curriculum-aligned maths questions to help your child explore essential concepts. Daily questions will be posted Monday to Thursday for Grade 4 – 7 respectively. Look out for the solutions to these questions every Friday (all grades). The CTSC Education Team will be standing by should you have any questions – please reach out by posting any questions on our Facebook or Instagram page in the comments section. #CTSCMaths

Grade 7 – Problem Solving

Put your thinking cap on and solve these problems. These are aimed at Grade 7 learners.

1. In CTSC Primary School 50% of the learners are younger than 10, 1/20 are 10 years old and 1/10 are older than 10 but younger than 12, the remaining 70 learners are 12 years or older. How many learners are 10 years old?

2. The division of a whole number N by 13 gives a quotient of 15 and a remainder of 2. Find N.

3. A car is traveling 75 kilometres per hour. How many meters does the car travel in one minute?

4. Tasneem had a stock of 1200 books in her bookshop. She sold 75 on Monday, 50 on Tuesday, 64 on Wednesday, 78 on Thursday and 135 on Friday. What percentage of the books were not sold?

5. In 2008, the world population was about 6,760,000,000. Write the 2008 world population in scientific notation.

ANSWER: Problem Solving (Grade 7)

Grade 6 – Mental Maths

Let’s have a bit of fun with some mental maths questions aimed at Grade 6 learners.

1. Which two numbers have a sum of 15 and a product of 36?
2. Write down all the factors of 33.
3. The ratio of lions to tigers in the zoo is 1:3. If there are 4 lions, how many tigers will there be?
4. What is the median of: 35, 27, 51, 31, 28, 19, and 33?
5. Which of these numbers is prime? 33, 45, 57, 69, 53, 49.
6. What is the missing angle? (see image)
7. How many faces does a cube have?
8. Flight time from Cape Town to Johannesburg is 2 hours and 20 minutes. I arrive at Johannesburg at 4:15. What time did I depart from Cape Town?
9. Find 3/(4 ) of R32.
10. What is the value of 3(x – 6) when x = 11?

Question 6 Diagrams (Grade 6) ANSWER: Mental Maths (Grade 6)

Grade 5 – Mental Maths

After the long weekend we figured your brain may need to be woken up again, here are a couple of mental maths questions aimed at Grade 5 learners.

1. 21 days = ___ weeks
2. Is it am or pm during sunrise?
3. Arrange these digits, 0 4 5 3 to form the lowest possible number.
4. How many sides are there in a decagon?
5. What 2D shape is this? (See diagram)
6. A 3D shape has length, _____ and _____.
7. What is the value of 8 in the following number – 58 321
8. Put the symbol > or < 3655 __ 3538
9. What is the product of 13 and 4?
10. Look at the image of the triangle and calculate the value of the perimeter (See diagram)

Question 5 & 10 Diagrams (Grade 5) ANSWER: Mental Maths (Grade 5)

Grade 4 – Problem Solving at the cinema

We are heading to the cinema today to try and help them solve the problem with their visitor numbers.

The table below shows the number of people visiting the cinema over 3 months.

TABLE – Problem Solving (Grade 4)

1. What is the total number of people that visited the cinema in January?
2. Compared to January, how many more children go to the cinema in February?
3. How many adults visited the cinema in February?
4. 16 more seniors visited in March than the number that visited in January and February combined. How many seniors visited the cinema in March?
5. Which month had the highest number of visitors?
6. In February 68 of the visitors did not have memberships, how many people had memberships?

ANSWER: Problem Solving (Grade 4)