CTSC Closed 3 September from 13:00On the 3rd of September at 3pm, 80 young finalists will arrive at the Cape Town Science Centre in Observatory to start the last leg of their Science Quest. An enjoyable and interactive quest for science knowledge, an experience where winners go home rewarded and everyone is more scientifically aware and motivated to learn.

This activity is just one of many interventions made possible by the Chevron Schools Programme currently under-way and being implemented by the Cape Town Science Centre. The Chevron Schools Programme is extensive and is impacting on 20 schools surrounding the Chevron Refinery in Milnerton. The programme allows for 4,000 learners to visit the Cape Town Science Centre for a curriculum based excursion, primary schools have been equipped with natural science kits and their teachers trained on how use them effectively in the classroom, high schools are being supported at their schools with practical science experiments and two career days for grades 8 and 9 learners will take place in October.