Climate Change Community Day

26 July 2014
9:00 - 16:30

Community Day

climate changeEnjoy a day of fun and discovery at the Cape Town Science Centre and learn more about Climate Change and other cool stuff! Brought to you in partnership with the British High Commission.

Entry fee: R5 or 5 empty cooldrink cans (these will be recycled by Collect-a-Can)

*Please note that groups of more than 10 people must pre-book their visit.
Please contact Carmen on 021 300 3200 or

South African Weather Service: Cape Town Weather Office

Don’t miss the wind power debate at 13:00

Speaker panel: Prof Philip Lloyd, Dr Don Mingay and Peter Venn
The impact of coal-fired power stations on climate change is a daunting reality. We cannot rely on fossil fuels forever and there is an urgent need for clean, renewable sources of energy to make up a larger portion of the energy mix. Despite technological innovation, there is no perfect energy source to meet the ever increasing demand for electricity. Large wind turbines are springing up like wild mushrooms in the countryside in an attempt to contribute to greening South Africa’s electricity supply. Join us as our panel of experts debate the good, the bad, and the ugly of harnessing wind power as a sustainable and economically viable source of energy for South Africa.


10:00 Global Warming Workshop: What is global warming? What is the big deal with carbon dioxide? Join us and find out.
10:00 Planetarium Show: Earth’s Wild Ride
11:00 Pollution Workshop: Discover the problems of acid pollution by acid rain and why rain is getting more acidic.
11:00 Planetarium Show: Earth’s Wild Ride
12:00 Science Show: Some think it’s magic, we call it SCIENCE! The show will excite young and old while nurturing awareness that science is part of our everyday lives.
13:00 Wind Power debate
14:00 Science Show: Some think it’s magic, we call it SCIENCE! The show will excite young and old while nurturing awareness that science is part of our everyday lives.
15:00 Renewable Energy Workshop: Make a solar oven and learn how to save the planet by cooking the renewable way.
15:00 Planetarium Show: Earth’s Wild Ride
Camera Obscura tours will take place at 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30 & 15:30.

CareTakers Mini film festival

CareTakers short documentary films will be screened every half hour in the Multimedia Room, starting at 9:30. Titles include The Collectors, The Guardian, Shark Appeal, Nature’s Pharmacy and The Buzz for Food. Take a quiet moment to contemplate the impact of man on nature and become inspired to take action to make a positive contribution.

CareTakers is a documentary film project about South Africa’s rich natural heritage, and the dedicated people who care for it. In the face of overwhelming biodiversity loss, habitat degradation, and human-induced climate change, there is a pressing need for clear calls to effective action. The films are intended to educate, advocate and inspire people to become active parts of the solution. See for more details.

The Climate Change Community day is made possible by generous sponsorship from the British High Commission. Cans will be recycled by Collect-a-Can.

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