discover bioscienceDiscover the wonders of biosciences at the Cape Town Science Centre on Saturday 30 August.

Entry fees for the day are reduced to only R5 or 5 empty cooldrink cans, made possible by the British High Commission.



10:30  Camera Obscura Tour
11:00  Planetarium Show
11:00  Flower and bean dissection
11:30  Camera Obscura Tour
11:30  Bacteria under the microscope @ Lucky’s Lab presented by Dr Bronwyn Kirby
12:00  Science Show
12:30  Planetarium Show
12:30  Food Processing – Ice cream in a bag and ginger beer making
12:30  Camera Obscura Tour
13:00  Unusual foods @ Lucky’s Lab
13:30  Camera Obscura Tour
14:00  Science Show
14:30  Planetarium Show
14:30  Food Testing – test for protein, sugar, fat and starch
14:30  Camera Obscura Tour
15:00  Heart & Lung Dissection @ Lucky’s Lab
15:00  DNA Project Crime Scene Awareness workshop presented by Prof Valerie Corfield
15:30  Camera Obscura Tour