British High Commission Bioscience Discovery Day

30 August 2014

Discovery Day

discover bioscienceDiscover the wonders of biosciences at the Cape Town Science Centre on Saturday 30 August.

Entry fees for the day are reduced to only R5 or 5 empty cooldrink cans, made possible by the British High Commission.


10:30  Camera Obscura Tour
11:00  Planetarium Show
11:00  Flower and bean dissection
11:30  Camera Obscura Tour
11:30  Bacteria under the microscope @ Lucky’s Lab presented by Dr Bronwyn Kirby
12:00  Science Show
12:30  Planetarium Show
12:30  Food Processing – Ice cream in a bag and ginger beer making
12:30  Camera Obscura Tour
13:00  Unusual foods @ Lucky’s Lab
13:30  Camera Obscura Tour
14:00  Science Show
14:30  Planetarium Show
14:30  Food Testing – test for protein, sugar, fat and starch
14:30  Camera Obscura Tour
15:00  Heart & Lung Dissection @ Lucky’s Lab
15:00  DNA Project Crime Scene Awareness workshop presented by Prof Valerie Corfield
15:30  Camera Obscura Tour