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Book on the Bright Side – science story time

26 Apr - 2 May

Holiday Programme

books & kidsJoin BOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE for science story time in the Multimedia room at the Cape Town Science Centre.

Cost: R100 (includes entry to the CTSC for the whole day, story time and a book to take home)

Story titles:
• Leonardo’s Legacy: Introducing Da Vinci as a child and his impact on science and art through story and imagery.
• Aliens Love Underpants: Mischievous space invaders and the case of the missing underpants.
• The Dreaming Tree: An imaginative story to inspire us all and remind us that looking local helps protect our planet and save our trees. Are you up for the challenge?
• Africa under the Stars: Have you ever seen a million? Clear skies and telescopes may help you if you don’t live in the South Pole.
• Ingenious Jean:  Hammering and banging, drawing and planning. Do you have dreams and schemes for a new invention? Jean tries to be ingenious.
• Tyrannosaur Trouble:  T-Rex in trouble or causing trouble? Either way they are pretty big and rather scary!


Saturday, 26 April
12:30  Aliens Love Underpants (suitable for children aged 3+)

Sunday, 27 April
12:30  Leonardo’s Legacy (suitable for children aged 7+)

Monday, 28 April
11:00  The Dreaming Tree (suitable for children aged 7+)
13:30  Tyrannosaur Trouble (suitable for children aged 5+)

Tuesday, 29 April
11:00  Tyrannosaur Trouble (suitable for children aged 5+)
13:30  Africa Under the Stars (suitable for children aged 5+)

Wednesday, 30 April
11:00  Africa Under the Stars (suitable for children aged 5+)
13:30  The Dreaming Tree (suitable for children aged 7+)

Thursday, 1 May
11:00  Aliens Love Underpants (suitable for children aged 3+)
13:30  Ingenious Jean (suitable for children aged 5+)

Friday, 2 May
11:00  Ingenious Jean (suitable for children aged 5+)

All ages welcome to any of the sessions.  If you feel your child will be interested in the subject or loves listening to stories, they are welcome to join in the fun. Recommended age groups are a guide to length and detail of the story, only.