[NEW QUIZ] Beat the boredom and take the ASTRON ENERGY SCIENCE QUIZ! This week we will be exploring the HUMAN BODY – Inside and Out. The quiz is free, fun and is aimed at learners in Grade 7 – 9. Are you up for a challenge?  Simply follow the link below, insert the game pin (03200024), type in your name and begin the quiz.


• This quiz is multiple choice so simply click one of the options given.
• Points are awarded for selecting the correct answer as well as to the faster clicker.
• Your name: Offensive names will not be tolerated. In such a case, a random name will be selected for the player. No surname is required, for security purposes.
• The player with the highest score at the closing date of the quiz will be announced on our social media.
• A maximum of 100 players per quiz. So join fast!
• Please share this with your friends.