Great scientific discoveries aren’t always born in hi-tech laboratories. Many discoveries were made in unexpected places using everyday materials. The next great scientific discovery could be made in your home. Here are some home-based D.I.Y. science experiments to get you started on your journey of discovery.

DIY Science Experiments
No fancy or expensive equipment needed. Enjoy home-based science experiment using everyday home items!
Please perform all experiments with adult supervision.

Straw Trumpet

You will need
• Straw
• Scissors
What to do
Flatten one end of the straw. Cut the corners of the flattened end of the straw so that it has a ‘V-shape’. Place the V-shape in your mouth and blow through the straw.

What to look out for
The straw will produce a trumpet-like sound. When you blow through the straw the V-shaped cuts will vibrate, producing the sound you heard. Change the length of the straw by cutting it shorter. This will change the pitch of the sound produced.