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ORT SA CAPE’s expertise enriches education in impoverished schools, focusing on critical educational challenges in Technology, Mathematics and Literacy. They offer programmes that include productive language learning from Preschool to Grade 9, a Constructive After-School Programme for EnRichment in Reading and Robotics, teacher training, support and research, monitoring and evaluation.

The ORT SA CAPE Innovators in Education programme provides selected schools with a variety of support over a period of time. An holistic approach towards education for children in preschool, primary and junior high school, focuses on enrichment of schools in disadvantaged communities. This includes literacy and problem solving programmes for learners to develop gross and fine motor skills as well as teacher training and support, empowering teachers to adopt a professional approach in the classroom and improve learner performance.

Their strategy is to

Improve the skills of educators by:

  • Fostering professional learning communities for educators in the rural areas of the Western Cape to improve CAPS implementation, learner performance and encourage joint problem solving.
  • Facilitating and funding SETA-accredited Grade R teacher training courses to offer better job opportunities for trained teachers, and improve the overall quality of education.
  • Offering specific targeted support for teachers to cater to individual circumstances.
  • Engaging in research on teachers through monitoring and evaluation to analyse and reverse shortcomings.

Improve the skills of learners by:

  • Facilitating Constructive After School Programme for EnRichment (CASPER) in rural areas of the Western Cape, in the areas of Technology, Literacy, and Numeracy.
  • Providing supervised reading groups, which employ the buddy system, to improve confidence and literacy in all subjects.

ORT SA CAPE runs a Walk In Robotics Centre at the CTSC where children are introduced to robotics using Lego WeDo and Lego Mindstorms.


Tel: 021 448 8516
Email: info@ortsacape.org.za
Website: www.ortsacape.org.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ORTSACAPE