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Living Maths

living_mathsLiving Maths is an Educational Organisation that is driven to spread the joy of Maths and Science to as many people as possible – they love making the subjects come alive!

Living Maths proudly works with about 4,500 learners per week in areas as diverse as Gugulethu and Constantia. They have successfully run the world’s first Maths Olympiad to cater for grades R-9. They also run the Loving Maths Programme for grades 1-3 at several schools and this programme is going to expand over the next 2 years. There is a great need to assist schools in disadvantaged areas and they continue to look for innovative ways to make a meaningful impact.

Mr S and his team of maths gurus are passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering teachers and students.


Tel: 021 813 9449
Email: info@livingmaths.com
Website: www.livingmaths.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Living-Maths/191424357561419