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With more than 250 interactive exhibits and mind-boggling puzzles, the Cape Town Science Centre is a world of discovery under one roof. Read more

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  • HANDS-ON SCIENCE: Kitchen ‘Litmus Paper’

    HANDS-ON SCIENCE: Kitchen ‘Litmus Paper’

    Great scientific discoveries aren’t always born in hi-tech laboratories. Many discoveries were made in unexpected places using everyday materials. The next great scientific discovery could be made in your home. Here are some home-based D.I.Y.

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  • School Group Visits

    School Group Visits

    Book your hands-on huge fun Excursion for your class today! The programme with workshops and other activities for schools visiting the CTSC during 2018 is now available. Click here to read more and download the
    Jan - Dec 2018


  • Home School Workshops

    Home School Workshops

    The Cape Town Science Centre is committed to supporting the Home Schooling community with hands-on, curriculum-based workshops. Science is a practical subject and whichever curriculum you use, carrying out experiments is a necessary part of the
    Jan - Dec 2018

    Home School Programme

  • wced mobile science centre

    WCED Mobile Science Centre – at your school

    WCED Mobile Science Centre – at your school

    WCED Mobile Science Centre Launched in January 2007, the ‘science van’ has been taking the excitement of science to learners across the Western Cape and South Africa. The WCED Mobile Science Centre is sponsored by
    Jan - Dec 2018